How to Delete Job Recruitment

Is your job post filled or no longer needed? Then it is time to delete your job post from the board.

It is easy and quick to delete the job post.

To delete your job post from the job board, follow these steps.

Step 1a

Log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard or to the job post that will be deleted.

Step 2a

From the dashboard, click on the delete option that is on the same row as the job post that is no longer needed. Confirm the deletion message and the job post will be gone.

Dashboard Delete

Step 1b

From the job listing on the job board. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on the ‘Edit this job’.

Step 2b

Near the top right corner, there is a section called ‘Publish. In that section, there is a option call ‘Move to Trash’. Confirm the deletion message, and this job post will be gone.

Job Listing Delete

Job Listing Delete

Now the job post is deleted, We hope that the EasyCan Job board was able to help you find the right applicant for you.