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Full-time [Account Manager] job for a large warehouse in Toronto, Canada

1. 通过与运营、计划、销售和其他团队协调仓储、项目准备和交付项目手册,确保新客户成功入驻,并在此过程中为客户提供指导;
2. 协助销售团队制定客户运营的标准作业流程,进行试运行,不断优化SOP,以顺利运营;
3. 推动管理第三方服务提供商的标准化。评估现有供应商的绩效并评估新供应商,并监控服务水平协议合规性以及其他合同契约和义务。对指定账户的客户满意度负责。负责美国境内的跨境空运和海运及订单交付,包括国际货运安排、制作报关文件、清关协调;
4. 与海外销售、运营等职能部门沟通,整体掌握发货情况,处理运输过程中的各种问题,处理发货异常情况,及时更新发货状态;
5. 建立、维持和深化与船代公司的合作关系;
6. 负责整合和优化跨境空运、海运及配送资源,持续降低成本,优化运营效率,提高盈利能力; • 组织内部运作流程,管理和协调跨境相关供应链解决方案、运营和服务模块;
7. 提供卓越的客户服务,包括但不限于 KPI 完成、问题解决、需求响应和客户关系维护;
8. 通过简化和建议对当前计费流程的持续改进,协助应收账款计费流程。问题识别、分析和解决;跟踪账单状态,包括但不限于检查发票通知、应收账款以及请求的账单调整;
9. 远程办公模式,但偶尔会有出差的需求(温哥华/多伦多)

1. Ensure successful onboarding of new customers by coordinating with operations, planning, sales and other teams on warehousing, project preparation, and delivering project manual, providing guidance to customers during the process;
2. Assist sales team to develop standard operating procedures for customer operations, conducting trial runs, and continuously optimizing the SOP aiming at smooth operations;
3. Drive standardization of managing third-party service providers. Evaluate the performance of existing vendors and assess new vendors, and monitor the Service Level Agreement compliance and other contractual covenants and obligations. Be responsible for the customer satisfaction of assigned accounts. Responsible for cross-border air and ocean shipping and delivery of orders in the United States, including international freight arrangements, production of customs declaration documents, and customs clearance coordination;
4. Communicate with overseas sales, operations, and other functional departments to grasp the delivery situation as a whole, deal with various problems in the transportation process, deal with abnormal shipments, and update the shipping status in a timely manner;
5. Establish, maintain, and deepen the cooperative relations with the shipping and forwarding companies;
6. Responsible for integrating and optimizing cross-border air and ocean shipping and delivery resources, continuously reducing costs, optimizing operational efficiency, and improving profitability; • Organize the internal operation process, manage and coordinate cross-border related to supply chain solutions, operation, and service modules;
7. Deliver exceptional customer service, including but not limited to KPI accomplishment, issues resolution, requirements response, and customer relationship maintenance;
8. Assist Account Receivable in the billing process by streamlining and recommending ongoing improvements to the current billing process. Problem identification, analysis and resolution; track billing status, including but not limited to checking invoice notifications, account receivable, as well as requested billing adjustments;
9. Work remotely, but some travels may be needed (to Vancouver/ Toronto)

1. 本科及以上学历;
2. 拥有至少1年以上供应链/电商行业相关工作经验;
3. 英文和中文双语;
4. 团队管理经验;
5. 精通微软Office套件;
6. 优秀的组织、协作和沟通能力,注重服务和团队合作,相关责任心强;
7. 能够在具有多个优先事项和紧迫期限的快节奏环境中工作;

1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher;
2. More than 1 year of relevant work experience in the supply chain/e-commerce industry;
3. Bilingual in English and Chinese;
4. Team management experience;
5. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite;
6. Excellent organization, collaboration, and communication skills, service and teamwork oriented, relevant strong sense of responsibility;
7. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with multiple priorities and tight deadlines;


Preferred Qualifications:
Coding/data analysis/CRM system-related experience.

1. 免费的综合健康保险套餐,包括医疗、牙科和视力。
2. 免费膳食或同等膳食津贴。
3. 免费办公室小吃和饮料
4. 401k
5. 带薪休假,包括带薪假期、假期和病假
6. 基于绩效的年终奖金
7. 电信津贴,适用于某些业务线
8. 每月的团队建设活动。

Benefits and Perks:
1. Free comprehensive health insurance package, including medical, dental, and vision.
2. Free meals or equivalent meal allowance.
3. Free office snacks and beverages.
4. 401k.
5. Paid time off, including paid holidays, vacation time, and sick time.
6. Performance-based year-end bonus.
7. Telecommunication allowance, applied to certain business lines.
8. Monthly team building events.

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